L7 End Their 18-Year Long Hiatus To Take On The President With The New Single ‘Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago’

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L7 made their fans wait 18 years to get some new music out of them, but thankfully, at long last, the hiatus is over. Today, the punk rock icons have finally unleashed their latest anthem on the world, an exciting excoriation of the sitting President of the United States titled “Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago.”

The new single is vintage L7 in the best possible way, filled with lo-fi vocals, gigantic hooks, buzzy guitars and uncompromising, funny lyrics taking dead aim at the Donald Trump and hyping the resistance against hum. “S.O.S. from the golden throne / ‘Mogul’s’ in deep sh*t, he’s all alone / It’s not good, a riot in fact / The whole friggin’ country club is under attack.”

In an interview with Pitchfork, Donita Sparks, the group’s singer and guitarist explained how the song came together. “We had the music, and then we were cracking up about [the idea of] “Mar-a-Lago.” So we put words to it.” Adding, “It would almost be negligent to not make any sort of a comment on the current political situation, and our fans were just so devastated that we were like, ‘F*ck it. We don’t care if this is topical and, quite frankly, we’re one of the only bands that could actually f*cking do it.'”

You can listen to L7’s “Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago” above.

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