‘Carpool Karaoke’ Finds A New Passenger/Participant In Lady Gaga

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Pop megastars and First Ladies make ideal carpool partners, don’t they? Granted, we’re just going off the results provided by James Corden‘s ridiculously popular Carpool Karaoke segment, but the evidence is pretty compelling. Now Lady Gaga has the opportunity to save gas and share songs with the Late Late Show host.

Mother Monster teased the upcoming appearance on Twitter and LOOK AT THOSE MARVELOUS HATS! Say, it’s almost as if Gaga has an album coming out this month. Accompanying her tweet with #MillionReasons and #PerfectIllusion hashtags, it’s not unreasonable to imagine those tracks making an appearance during her powerhang with Corden. If she could toss something from the Fame/Fame Monster era into the proceedings, that would be lovely. I’d be willing to pony up $10-20 to make this happen. The ball’s in your court, Jimbo!

According to Billboard, the segment was reportedly filmed on Friday and might (MIGHT) be airing later this month. Of course, this could all be a scam Gaga is using so she can show off her newly acquired driver’s licence. Either way, we’re onboard whenever this clip makes it to television. Speaking of Gaga on TV, the “Alejandro” tune vendor is slated to serve as the musical guest on SNL on October 22 with Tom Hanks hosting.

(Via Billboard)

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