Lady Gaga Treats Herself To A Massive David Bowie Tattoo Before The Grammys

Entertainment Editor
02.14.16 6 Comments


If you’ve been following Lady Gaga’s Instagram, you know she’s dedicated a large portion of her social media to the memory and general, greatness of David Bowie.  This should continue well into the near future, as Lady Gaga ominously declared that “everything will change” when she pays tribute to Bowie at the 2016 Grammys. What will happen? Who knows, but it will probably steal the show (floating around is almost guaranteed). Still, Lady Gaga isn’t satisfied with social media posts and a performance in front of her peers and industry bigwigs.  She’s taking her fandom to the next level, and making sure Bowie stays imprinted on her forever with this Aladdin Sane tattoo. Well done, Gaga.

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