The Trailer For Lady Gaga’s ‘Five Foot Two’ Documentary Mirrors The Breakneck Chaos Of Her Busy Life

Lady Gaga began teasing her upcoming Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two a couple weeks ago with a flurry of short clips, and while we still have to wait until September 22nd to see the whole thing, we now have our first full-length trailer, and much like Gaga’s life, it’s fast-paced and intense.

The trailer begins with Gaga walking down a quiet and empty stairwell before opening the door to a loud horde of cheering fans, a juxtaposition that mirrors what she tearfully said in one of the preview clips: “I’m alone…every night. And all these people will leave… and I’ll be alone. I go from everyone touching me all day and talking at me all day to total silence.”

There’s nothing about the clip that makes Gaga’s touring life look easy, because it keeps her mega busy. The breakneck pace at which it’s edited — which some have pointed out isn’t terribly unlike an episode of American Horror Story — drives the point home that traveling, performing, filming, preparing to play the Super Bowl, and doing everything else that’s routine to a global pop star of Gaga’s stature can make your head spin.

Aspiring singers may say they want to attain Gaga’s level of success, but now, this documentary seems to show that while that has its perks, those perks don’t come without working your fingers to the bone and then some.

Watch the trailer for Five Foot Two above.