Lady Gaga Kicked Off Of YouTube For Copyright Violations

(UPDATE: Gaga’s account appears to have been restored.)

Well this is all kinds of funny: Professional famous person Lady Gaga — the most popular YouTube user of them all — has had her YouTube account removed for copyright violations (Some have made the argument that her entire career has been a copyright violation, but that’s neither here nor there). So if you go to her page right now, this is what you’ll see…

Surely her little “monsters” are besides themselves with grief for YouTube daring to serve Gaga some Haterade.

Reports MTV:

According to Time Out Tokyo, Gaga’s official YouTube account was suspended because she posted footage from her recent appearance on the Japanese show “SMAP x SMAP,” on the Fuji TV network. The widely-circulated video of the 10-minute performance in which Gaga sang a medley of songs from Born This Way resulted in a takedown request from Media Interactive Inc. on Tuesday.

The video features Gaga performing on a fog-enshrouded set with the popular Japanese boy band SMAP, and the issue appears to involve Gaga’s failure to secure the digital rights to display their performance on her YouTube account. In the clip, Gaga emerges from an ornate box wearing a an elaborate black dust mask and sings “The Edge of Glory” before sitting down at a piano housed in a giant bejeweled hand sculpture for a solo take on “You and I” that morphs into the album’s title track.

The “Born This Way” performance features the members of SMAP standing and posing behind Gaga, joining her dancers in some high-energy choreography and singing light backup duties on the hit track.

Hahaha! Luckily for all of us, people who do imitations of Lady Gaga on YouTube haven’t had their accounts suspended, so enjoy the wonderful Jenna Marbles channeling Gaga to describe her creative process.