Lady Gaga Will Perform In Space. No, Seriously, Lady Gaga Will Perform In Space.

Lady Gaga is an interesting gal. She’s a best selling musical phenom with a positive influence on the public balanced with an eclectic sense of style that would force Grace Jones to say “pull it back.” I still fondly remember the meat dress she tacked on and wore with confidence or the nightmarish red veiled suit that put Eminem into his current state of numb ambition.

Now she is taking her show to a higher level, literally, as she ventures out into space in early 2015 on the Virgin Galactic to perform one song during the Zero G Colony music festival at Spaceport America in New Mexico. Space puns, commence!

From Today:

A source says the historic event will be “like nothing the world has seen before.”And just in case the force isn’t with the pop star, a source tells Us, “Gaga has taken out a ridiculous life insurance policy!”

Thank you, Today, for bringing “Star Wars” into this. Thanks a lot.

The stunt will make Gaga the first to perform in space and will also mark an important promotion of Virgin’s space travel operation which will mark six months at the time of the performance. Lady Gaga won’t be the only artist attempting to conquer space according to Rolling Stone:

English classical-crossover artist Sarah Brightman is also preparing for a space voyage in 2015, her rep said. Brightman is training with Russian cosmonauts for a 10-day journey to the International Space Station, where she she hopes to record a song.

It’s basically the Cold War all over again, but with music as the weapon of choice. It’s only right that we return to the Moon with an artist to record an entire album. Looking at you Prince, get off Twitter and get to training.

And before you ask, yes her entourage will be making the trip with her. This begs the question of how to get into Lady Gaga’s entourage, an act I assume involves being birthed from an egg and covered in a mixture of fecal matter and baby food while humming the Star Spangled Banner backwards. Space is a dream for many and rolling around in a kiddie pool full of syrup, covered in feathers is a small price to pay for a dream.

Lady Gaga is currently undergoing heavy vocal training due to the atmosphere during space flight, but should be ready for the performance by the 2015 launch date. Before then she will be busy promoting her newest album “ARTPOP,” including an appearance on SNL on November 16 to cover both hosting and performance duties.

You had better start saving now if you want to witness the performance for yourself as the first space performance will most likely be pricey when tickets are announced. That means you might need to make two trips to the Coinstar machine.

Source: Today/ Rolling Stone