Lady Gaga Really Houndstoothed Up The Place On 'The View' Today

08.01.11 8 years ago

If you’ve ever wanted insight into Lady Gaga’s thoughts on hot dogs, ladies who wear thong bikinis to Walmart, Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe, gay marriage in New York, and the deaths of Amy Winehouse and Clarence Clemons, then today’s your lucky day! Yes, the world’s best famous person was a co-host today on The View — in addition to performing on the show — but what caught my attention, more than anything, was, as usual, what she wore, which was nothing less than a goddamn orgy of houndstooth. As you can see above, she wore a lot of it.

You have to hand it to Gaga — just when you think she’s boxed herself into a corner fashion-wise, she offers up a ridiculously over-the-top twist on an old classic that’s more than a little attention-grabbing. If it’s possible to be blinded by houndstooth, then her performance of “You and I” on the estrogen-laden chat fest — complete with houndstooth piano — will probably do it. Now I just can’t wait to see what she does with seersucker.

And here are the two segments in which she actually spoke and gave her opinions on things, if you care for that kind of stuff…

(HT: Buzzfeed)

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