Lady Gaga Says She Didn’t Have Sex With Taylor Swift, In Case You Were Wondering

In an interview on the Howard Stern Show earlier today with Lady Gaga, Howard addressed a rumor he had heard from a caller that she and Taylor Swift had been lovers. It’s a pretty far-fetched rumor, but if anyone can pull off asking a female pop star in complete seriousness whether or not she’s had sex with another female pop star, he’s your guy.

So no, Lady Gaga hasn’t had sex with Taylor Swift. Unless she’s just playing coy, of course,  which is a 100% legitimate possibility. But when Howard asked a follow up question of whether or not they even know each other, Gaga relayed a story about the time she and Taylor Swift sat next to each other at the AMAs. (Correction: had an R. Kelly Sandwich together at the AMAs, going by the above image I found in Getty.)

Apparently during the ceremony Taylor Swift gushed about how much she loves Artpop, and Lady Gaga just assumed Taylor Swift was “full of sh*t.” However a short time later her stylist — who was working with Taylor Swift at the time — claimed that during a photoshoot Taylor Swift was “blasting Artpop, dancing around and posing to it,” which makes her A-OK in Lady Gaga’s book.

So, there you have it: Taylor Swift, not full of sh*t. Also, not having a torrid, sexual affair with Lady Gaga. I guess there are worse things a person could be known for.

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