Lady Gaga’s Dropped A Surprise New Song ‘The Cure’ And Everyone Loves It

It’s not as if Lady Gaga’s fan base abandoned her after Joanne, her most recent album, but there was a sense that the album wasn’t quite what fans were expecting or what they wanted from the artist at this point in her career. While Joanne is an album that will most likely age well with time, Gaga’s surprise new single is probably close to what her Little Monsters were hoping to find when they first listened to her recent work.

‘The Cure,’ a surprise new track that Gaga performed during her Coachella set, is a soaring and fun song that touches on everlasting love and devotion while also being a great listen. To put it plainly, the song is a straight up bop. Any handicapping of song of the summer favorites has to immediately add this one towards the top of the list since it sounds exactly like the kind of song that will be echoing around beaches and pools for months to come. Whether this song is a bellwether that a new album is coming or not, the bonus song is exactly what people need just as the warm weather arrives and the reactions around the internet prove that the excitement is real and fervent.

You can listen to the single here and judge it for yourself, but be prepare to want to drive around with the windows down listening to it all day long.