Lady Gaga’s ‘You And I’ Video Is … Something

As you may have noticed, we’re mildly fascinated with Lady Gaga around these parts. So, needless to say, I was eager to check out her new video for “You and I” when it hit the web yesterday afternoon — mainly to see where she’d take the art of being a famous person next — and ever since then I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out what to say about. It’s almost too weird for my wee Cajun brain to process. I feel like I’d need to chew on it for a few days or something and even then I’m not sure if I’d have anything substantive to say. But luckily the deep thinkers at Interview have been able to process it and shared their opinions with us.

The divine weirdness of the video, thankfully, would suggest (that Gaga’s star isn’t fading). Truthfully, we’re not huge fans of the song itself, “Yoü and I,” which is a fairly boring countrified arena ballad whose most interesting feature, unfortunately, is an extraneous umlaut in the title. (How’s that meant to be pronounced, anyway, Stef—”yo-ooh?”) But it’s undoubtedly a song steeped in Americana, which is why the video works so well: it distracts from the conventionality of the song by reminding us that Gaga herself is unconventional, by depositing a sort of half-robotic version of her on a rural highway and going from there.

Well, okay, I guess I’ll go with that. Watch the video for yourself above and hopefully you’ll have an opinion that’s richer than my simplistic “well that was weird” one. Good luck with that.