Lana Del Rey Announces Release Date Of Her Upcoming Album

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September 18th.

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Lana Del Rey has released two songs from her upcoming album Honeymoon, in recent days. First, she hit us with the title track, which is reminiscent of the mournful balladry force fed through a Victrola that has become her sound of choice. Then, she hooked back into her hip hop influences for “High by the Beach,” and gave us a memorable music video wherein she shot a grenade launcher. However, despite these teases, we didn’t know when the album was going to drop until now. If Del Rey’s Instagram is to believed, we can expect the album in September.

On said Instagram, she posted a photo of a vintage style billboard situated over a vintage style diner, featuring the singer in what could be the album’s cover. She also gave it a vintage evoking tint because she knows where her bread is buttered, including the simple message “September 18th.”

Del Rey’s last album, the audaciously named Ultraviolence, was the No. 1 album in the nation when it was released, despite the fact that she is, at best, a divisive musician. Will Honeymoon be as successful? What we’ve heard so far has been solid, but we’ll apparently have to wait until Sept. 18 to find out for sure.

(Via The AV Club)