Lana Del Rey Says That ‘Get Free’ Could Be Removed From ‘Lust For Life’ Because Of The Radiohead Lawsuit

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01.08.18 4 Comments

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Over the weekend, the music world was shaken by the news that two of its biggest stars were engaging in a legal battle. Though many have noticed since the release of last year’s Lust For Life that the album’s closing song, “Get Free,” bared a resemblance to Radiohead’s ubiquitous “Creep,” it was still surprising to hear that Radiohead (or their publisher) had opted to pursue a lawsuit against Del Rey, after she offered the band 40% of the publishing.

As Stereogum points out, Del Rey has recently spoken about turmoil in her past couple live performances. In video from her set last night in Denver, Del Rey mentions offhandedly that the song could be removed from future physical versions of the record, noting that the song is her “statement song from the record” and “her personal manifesto.” And though the song may ultimately be forced from the album, the sentiment that it holds cannot be equally muzzled. Check out video of the speech below.

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