Nirvana Bassist Krist Novoselic Playfully Skewered Lana Del Rey’s New Album Title

When Lana Del Rey announced her new album Lust For Life, which is set to include the cinematic single “Love“, maybe you found yourself scratching your heads wondering, “Where have I heard this title before?”

Well, Krist Novoselic, best known as the bassist of Nirvana (as well as the second of two bass players on Foo Fighters’ “I Should Have Known“), didn’t need long to make his own connections. He recently took to Twitter for a #savage tongue-in-cheek post about his findings.

No, he didn’t get a pre-order of the album, what Krist is holding up here is the second studio effort from Iggy Pop, and album that was released nearly 50 years ago. Lana infamously loves to build off signifiers of the past, and given her clear taste for the spiritual, psychedelic and rebellious, the comparison isn’t as far off as Krist may think.

But it’s still a funny contrast given the witchy, Old Hollywood black and white teaser she dropped for the video today. Still, for all we know Iggy himself is involved with the project, after all Lana also has a taste for high-profile collaborators like The Weeknd, who appears on the album’s title track. Watch the trailer below while we all wait to hear thoughts from Iggy.