Lana Del Rey’s Fan Won’t Stop Stealing Her Cars

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Having your car stolen is something that could happen to anyone, but usually not more than once a lifetime. If you’re Lana Del Rey and have a garage full of expensive Jaguars, however, then the odds of you having your cars stolen multiple times are just a little bit higher.

According to TMZ, Del Rey’s Malibu home has been broken into several times over the past few months. And, since the singer was once the Jaguar brand ambassador, she has quite the collection of Jags sitting in her garage. Last month a woman broke into Lana’s garage, spent a few days there, then took off with Del Rey’s 2013 Jaguar XK convertible. The car was later impounded, but that wasn’t enough to stop the burglar, who returned not long after to steal another car. This time, the persistent thief made off with a 2015 F-type which also ended up being impounded due to traffic violations. Lana has since gotten her cars back while the thief has been charged with two counts of burglary and felony joyriding.

You’d think that after someone’s broken into your home twice it’d be enough of a sign to beef up security. Del Rey apparently didn’t get the hint, though. Just last week an obsessed 19-year old fan broke into the garage of Del Rey’s Malibu home and “set up shop” for a few days before being found by a construction worker. The fan took off with a book after being discovered, and was later arrested and charged with one count of felony burglary. Scary stuff, but maybe it’s time Del Rey hired some bodyguards or used her grenade launching skills from the “High On The Beach” video, because this shouldn’t be a recurring event.

(via Stereogum)