Lance Bass’s Awful Boy Band Formed Performs Awful Song About Facebook

This boy band, Heart2Heart, is sadly not a brilliant parody of boy bands, as I first thought it was, nor is their first single, “Facebook Official,” about changing one’s relationship status on Facebook. Reportedly being “mentored” by Lance Bass, the band’s big release features the following lyrics, among others…

“Heart2Heart is back/FB chat poppin’ on my Mac.”

“C’mon/ Myspace is dead/ I’m checking your page to see what you said.”

“Heart on your page/Heart, heart on your page/let’s make it official.”

“Can you confirm this request/Agree to my terms of service.”

“Status update/what/checking pics of your butt.”

I’ll take Chet Haze over these twats any day.

(HT: Buzzfeed)