Larry King’s Twitter Shoutout To Sam Smith Deserves Its Own Award For Best Grammy-Related Tweet

Fossilized Twitter legend Larry King put down his highball for a minute tonight to tweet a shoutout to Sam Smith, who seems as though he was engineered in a lab to win Grammys, and it was arguably the best Grammy-related tweet of the night. It’s just so Larry. (The “Clive” he’s referring to in the tweet, btw, is Clive Davis, the octogenarian music industry exec who hosts a star-studded bash each year the night before the Grammys.) The only things missing are maybe a reference to dining at the Polo Lounge prior to the party or how the party could have only been better if Frank Sinatra were there, but Larry was limited to 140 characters, after all.

Just for fun, here’s a pic of Larry and Clive (and some other elderly person I don’t know) from last year’s party…

Mercedes-Benz Presents The Carousel Of Hope Ball Benefitting The Barbara Davis Center For Diabetes
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Here’s Larry and his much-younger wife Shawn King at last night’s bash…

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And here’s a Beavis-resembling Larry greeting Chazz Palminteri…

Pre-GRAMMY Gala And Salute To Industry Icons Honoring Martin Bandier - Red Carpet
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