Premiere: Lauren Ruth Ward’s ‘Sheet Stains’ Video Is A Microcosm Of Long Distance Loneliness

Editorial Director, Music

Today, Lauren Ruth Ward releases her debut album Well, Hell, but her foray into a wild, independent pop sound began long before 2018. As a teenager, Ward immediately had a knack for hair, lifting her own into a beehive during high school, and later pursuing a successful career as a hair stylist in her native Baltimore. But the music bug was unrelenting, so eventually, Ward packed up her life and road-tripped across the country to Los Angeles.

Over the course of the next three years she met and built up her current band, Liv Slingerland on bass, India Pascucci on drums and guitarist and fellow songwriter Eddie Rivera. Well, Hell are the nine songs the quartet have composed that stretch across several modes, ranging from what Ward calls heaven, hell, an acoustic dreamy side, and a loud, poppy mode.

With song titles like “Did I Offend You?” and “Make Love To Myself,” oh don’t forget “Blue Collar Sex Kitten,” Ward’s bluesy, brazen style comes thundering through in her music and her hair, which is a signature rainbow pastiche.

Today we’re premiering the video for another of Ward’s singles, “Sheet Stains,” which she describes as a lament of life with a partner who is also an artist, and constantly traveling. It’s a microcosm of the long suck of loneliness that a long-distance relationship can be, and showcases her signature rowdy style. In the clip, she’s mostly stuck in a hotel room alone, bouncing off the walls and counting down the clock.

“‘Sheet Stains’ helps me laugh about my loneliness,” Ward further explained of the track. “I’ve only spent about 70 days with my partner in the last 20 months. After a night of successfully distracting myself from my loneliness, I wake up and realize, oh yeah, she still not here and everything around me reminds me of her. It’s a painful feeling and the only solution is to deal. It’s the life of dating a touring artist. The hardest is when we’re both on tour.”

Watch the video above and stream Well, Hell which is officially out today, below.

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