Lauv And Troye Sivan’s Live Debut Of ‘I’m So Tired’ Is Just As Good As The Studio Version Of The Track

Lauv and Troye Sivan made the live debut of their collaborative single “I’m So Tired” on the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage last night. The track, released in January, is about romantic fatigue. Post-breakup, doesn’t it feel awful when everybody around you seems to be in love except for you?

Lauv and Sivan made the song’s themes literal in their Kimmel performance. On a stage designed to look like a grassy park on a sunny day, Lauv and Sivan performed onstage alongside three couples. Each pair stayed in one spot, kissing and touching each other as Lauv and Sivan sang and danced around them. The backup kissers were a cool idea, and probably looked great onstage from the crowd, but I can see how it would be harder to film that for those watching at home on TV.

Still, despite some visual awkwardness, the performance was great. Lauv and Sivan’s harmonies are as lovely live as they are on the studio version of the track, and it’s great to see Sivan back onstage after taking a break from his Bloom Tour around the holidays. Lauv is touring Asia later this spring, and Sivan will bring his Bloom Tour to Europe later this month.

Check out Lauv and Troye Sivan’s performance of “I’m So Tired” on Jimmy Kimmel Live above.