LCD Soundsystem Will Keep The Reunion Tour Going After Headlining Coachella

James Murphy 2
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The biggest reunion news to come out of Coachella (yeah, I said it, fight me) just got even better. That’s because LCD Soundsystem will hit the road after their headlining set in Indio, California.

While there’s very little in the way of details, the LCD Soundsystem website was updated to include the fact that 2016 will feature the band “standing in front of people doing things loudly” with a promise that tour dates are “coming soon.” What this means is you’ll get the chance to hear “All My Friends” live and it will still make you sad, but like a good sad, y’know?

This news caps off a (relative) flurry of activity for the band that has been inactive since 2010. The band released their first new music in years on Christmas Eve. The track “Christmas Will Break Your Heart” is a shortened version of a holiday song that bandleader James Murphy claims to have been singing to himself for the last eight years. Murphy said the only thing that kept him from releasing the bummer tune was his own memory.

“Every year I wouldn’t remember that I wanted to make it until December, which is just too late to actually record and release a Christmas song.”

(Via SPIN)