LCD Soundsystem Played Their Pulsing New Ballad ‘American Dream’ On ‘SNL’

05.07.17 12 months ago

New LCD Soundsystem songs have been trickling out since their reformation on Christmas of 2015, with “American Dream” being one of the tracks that’s been able to infiltrate the ears of fans who can do a little digging. Now, we got a dreamy, soft performance of the new song on SNL with frontman James Murphy crooning into his mic like a washed up performer in the Tron universe. In other words, it was good. Damn good.

“American Dream” was released over Cinco de Mayo weekend with the other song they played on SNL tonight, “Call the Police.” Back to back, you can feel the political undertones of the song titles juxtaposed by the gentle new-new wave synth soaring over Murphy’s typical quaking, yearning vocals. It’s almost as if he’s ready to explode out of his suit and into a ball of light that will eventually, once the smoke clears, reveal itself as a glorious disco ball.

It’s cool for fans to get a taste of what to expect when LCD Soundsystem finally (finally!) leaves New York, where they’ve been playing a handful of shows before they get on the road and start their touring in earnest. When’s that new album coming? Soon.

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