LeBron James Paid Tribute To Prodigy And Rocked Out To Mobb Deep All Night

The world of hip-hop was rocked to its foundation yesterday when the news that Prodigy, of the legendary New York duo Mobb Deep, had passed away. Tributes poured in all over social media from nearly everyone who’s ever picked up a microphone or touched two hands on a turntable. Outside of the music world itself, fans also mourned the loss of Prodigy, and that included the greatest basketball player on Earth, LeBron James.

The four-time MVP posted up some clips to Instagram story last night paying tribute to the departed legend and rocking out to some classic Mobb Deep material. ‘Bron skewed more toward their mid-career tracks, songs like, “Hell On Earth (Front Lines),” “It’s Mine” and “Give Up The Goods (Just Step).” In the caption he wrote, “Mobb Deep vibe all night long!! #RIP Prodigy,” and “Man I grew up on these boys! Help me get through tough days as a kid.”

Of course, LeBron wasn’t the only person rocking out to some of that classic music and sharing stories. 50 Cent also took to social media where he revealed that Prodigy once refused to help police set him up for a crime he didn’t commit. “They asked him if I keep any gun or drugs around,” Fif wrote on Instagram. “Then wanted him to put a gun in my car. He didn’t do it, instead he told me what they were trying to do.”