Now You Can Finally Listen To The Lost Led Zeppelin Track ‘Sunshine Woman’

The name Led Zeppelin can stir about some strong emotions in fans of rock music, with countless classic songs remaining popular to this day. But, like most bands from the ’70s, they stopped producing music after a while and left a hole that nobody has been able to truly fill, leaving fans hungry for more with no salvation in sight. After 1982’s Coda the band ceased releasing new recordings and the era of Led Zeppelin had come to a close.

A few live albums and compilations have been released since then, notably the 1997 release of The BBC Sessions, and now it is getting a re-release this year as The Complete BBC Sessions. As a part of that new album, they’ve unearthed a previously unreleased Led Zeppelin track, says Vulture. The track, Sunshine Woman, comes in at only three minutes long but shows a part of Led Zeppelin’s songwriting process through an in-progress track.

The song has been available via bootlegs prior, with the original tapes lost to time, but will now see an official release via The Complete BBC Sessions. Guitarist Jimmy Page does offer a word of caution though, that the track was clearly recorded from the radio and thus isn’t exactly the highest fidelity recording imaginable. You can hear some ideas which would go on to become part of later Led Zeppelin songs, making this an interesting part of rock history, albeit not the most memorable song from their catalog.

(Via Vulture/LoudWire)