Lennon And Maisy Cover 'Call Your Girlfriend' With The Help Of Empty Butter Containers, Slay Your Hearts

If there’s a song with a more extreme inverse correlation between how much I enjoy the original and how much I enjoy covers than Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” people aren’t covering that song enough (get to work, Noah Guthrie). The original dance-poppy number is simply not my thang, although I just rewatched the video and again enjoyed it immensely. Never change Swedes.

I heart the hell out of every rendition on YouTube though. First there was future star Taran Killam’s lip synch version, which, admittedly, is the same song — but FUTURE STAR TARAN KILLAM HELLO? Then there was Alison Brie & The Girls’ cover, which I heart in more of a sniff-stolen-undergarments-while-sobbing-in-the-bathtub kind of way. AND NOW we have the most adorable cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” you will see this week as sisters Lennon and Maisy (12 and 8 years-old, respectively) perform their version with the musical accompaniment of two empty Land ‘O Lakes containers.

Regardless of whether or not Lennon and Maisy pay for college with butter scholarships after this goes viral I think it’s safe to say there’s good parenting going on here.