The World Mourns Departed Musician Leonard Cohen, Dead At 82

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Leonard Cohen, iconic musician and one of the greatest lyricists of our lifetimes, is dead at 82. While we settle in to listen to “Chelsea Hotel #2” for the rest of the night and prepare to hunt for rare vinyl copies of his work this weekend, the world mourns the loss of yet another talented and beloved musician in 2016.

Reactions from Cohen’s devoted fans and other’s around the music world ranged from quoting his lyrics without further comment due to the sense of loss, or commenting on how his music affected their lives directly. It will be a long time before the world sees another poet quite like Cohen, so able to write and compose music that gets to the heart of the human experience at the highest level.

And someone who is dealing with his own endless grief right now chimed in as well. Unsurprisingly, he was able to put the pain of this particular celebrity death into perfect words.

Everybody should be proud at how few people are quoting “Hallelujah” in their goodbyes to Leonard. It will most likely be played in his honor more than enough, so maybe it’s best if people tone down the overuse of it to say farewell to him right now.