Let’s Listen To Some Motorhead And Talk Sex, God And Nazis With Lemmy

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Noted lover of women and rock god Lemmy Kilmister recently sat down with Mark Leibovich at the New York Times to discuss his recent health woes and share his opinions and experiences from his 50 year career. It’s a good read and I’ve compiled some of the funniest responses below as sort of a taste to the full interview.

Lemmy on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Many people are hoping that you are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. How important is that for you?
Well, I was not very impressed when I visited the place. I mean, they borrowed my Ace of Spades tour jacket and a pair of boots off me to have in a display, and I never got them back. They lost them.

Do you have any resentment toward them?
No, I don’t have any resentment. I mean, it was just an employee, obviously. I wasn’t very impressed with the biggest room in the place: the gift shop. (via)

Lemmy on the existence of other Lemmys:

Have you ever met any other Lemmys?
I know a couple of Dogs and a couple of Parakeets. (via)

Lemmy on the nature of God:

You don’t believe in God?
I believe I’ll have a drink.

Lemmy is God, according to the movie “Airheads,” right?
No, God is taller, and he dresses better. He lives in a Cape Cod cottage on the end of Rhode Island. (via)

It’s weird though seeing Lemmy talk about mortality and facing health troubles. Sure, he’s just a human and we’re fragile things from the start. You just never think that guys like Lemmy or Keith Richards are going to face their maker unless it is on their terms.

If you’ve seen the great Lemmy documentary, highly recommended if you haven’t, you see the guy was dealing with diabetes and still drinking like a pirate while smoking an endless amount of cigarettes. He’s never been a picture of health, which what speed freak is ever more than a blurry human husk vibrating through the scenery. It’s just weird to read that he’s now drinking wine and exercising like my father. Like a normal guy. It’s weird.

Either way, I hope he gets well soon and I hope that Motorhead returns to the road so I can promptly move my old ass to the back of the venue to save what is left of my hearing. Until then I thought I’d compile some of my favorite songs to annoy your family with during these trying holiday times.

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Ace Of Spades – Full Album

Ace of Spades is a triumph from start to finish and provides anyone who has never listened with the proper taste of what this band is about. Much like The Rolling Stones or AC/DC, you know what you’re going to get when you listen to a Motorhead album. But that’s not a drawback and it’s hard to find artists that can stay true to what they love about music and consistently put out music that stays true to that. It’s far from the best and not everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t think you can go wrong with Ace of Spades.

Clearly check out the title track, “We Are The Roadcrew” and “Shoot You In The Back.”


“Overkill” is the pulse pounding speed thrill that features plenty of punch you in the face style riffs and drums straight out of a coke fueled nightmare. If your night is moving this fast, you might want to slow down or face the consequences. Especially if you’re with a lady. Although, when you get that second wind and third wind, there’s nothing quite like it.

Please Don’t Touch

“Please Don’t Touch” is a cover tune Motorhead pulled out with Girlschool during the collaborative effort HeadGirl and I’d throw it out there as one of the better covers you’ll find that improves on the original. Yes, this is one of those miserable musical variety appearances on Top Of The Pops where no one is playing their actual music (this is why I prefer The Midnight Special or Old Grey Whistle Test where they actually play), but that doesn’t mean it is junk.

If anything, check out Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor attempting to keep busy with hand gestures singing backup. It’s worth a chuckle.

Killed By Death

Winning the award for greatest metal video and greatest song title, here’s “Killed By Death.” It begins with Lemmy driving a motorcycle into a f*cking living room and continues kicking your ass from that point on. If I were to admit that this were the only song I plan to have played at my funeral, would that make me some sort of lesser than in your eyes, dear reader?

That’s a trick question because I’m not having a funeral. They’re going to turn me into soylent green for my mighty army of clones to feed on. TAKE MY POWER!

And finally here’s his appearance in Airheads, the best movie Brendan Fraser has ever been in aside from School Ties. Best of all, it’s the actual clip and not some stupid slideshow someone put together in Window’s Movie Maker.

I hope the man gets well soon and continues on his path until finally keeling over doing what he loves, playing the touch screen at The Rainbow in LA.


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