Liam Gallagher Spanked A ‘Fan’ That Mocked George Michael’s Death Mercilessly

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2016 has offered up an endless parade of punches to the gut with seemingly no signs of letting up. The death of pop giant and cultural icon George Michael was heartbreaking news and the sort of thing where raw nerves should not be poked. This brings us to Liam Gallagher having the appropriate response to a smartass quip about Michael’s passing. Naturally, it contained NSFW language confirming that the former Oasis frontman was at the account.

“Your [sic] a massive c*nt good job your [sic] a nobody as if be coming down your chimney and volleying you in the face.” tweeted the singer.

The “you’re a nobody” route can be a tired one for celebs to take in these sorts of exchanges, but when someone feels the need to score comedy points off your sadness over a legend’s death, you have to explain why you can’t fly out and sock them for being a dick. Plus, George Michael lifted a big ol’ middle finger to those lame bathroom sex gags when he released “Outside” and relegated these jokes to the status of pointless.

In addition to pushing back against someone making a joke at Michael’s expense, Liam Gallagher also shared the music video for the singer’s 1990 hit “Praying for Time.”

(Via NME)