Liam Gallagher Says The Darndest Things When Interviewed By A Bunch Of Cute Kids

Kids say the darndest things, or so they say. But really, kids are no match for Liam Gallagher. Between the quotes, soundbites, and tweets from his latest album cycle supporting his debut solo album, the younger of the Oasis brothers has not given the world a shortage of words to have a laugh about, and that trend continued with his latest interview — conducted by a room of tiny children.

The kids are predictably cute, with a tiny Mia kicking things off by asking Liam’s favorite Disney movie (it’s Finding Nemo) before others ask him about his favorite fart (loud ones), what instrument he plays (N/A), and, of course, his older brother Noel. When one notes that they know the name of Noel’s band, Liam determines that they are just trying to wind him up, but still handles it with the patience of a champ.

But where things go off the rails are when the kids bring up soccer and their support of Machester United, whereas Liam is a Manchester City fan. Liam gets flustered at the notion and asks the video production team to edit that bit out, but it’s all in good fun, particularly when one child hands Liam a trading card of Liam’s favorite player, Sergio Aguero.

Check out the full interview video above, via Noisey.

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