Lil Baby Tells His Story From The Trap To Triumph On His ‘Preacherman’ Documentary

Lil Baby released his Harder Than Ever mixtape earlier this year off the strength of his “Yes Indeed” single with Drake. Then he embarked on a Harder Than Ever tour this summer. Now, thanks to Quality Control Records, you have the chance to get to know Lil Baby more than ever.

The Atlanta-based label dropped a 26-minute Preacherman documentary about the young artist poised to help lead yet another generation of Atlanta rappers. The documentary is a well-crafted primer on Lil Baby’s upbringing in his Oakland City, southwest Atlanta neighborhood, and his rise to stardom along with young peers like Gunna, with whom he’s dropping a Drip Harder mixtape.

At the outset of the short film, Lil Baby lets us know that he’s “always been grindin’” to make it out of the struggle, but he “didn’t know it would be rap” that helped him achieve his main objective: “get you a bankroll and go legal.” The documentary interviews his music comrades and his loved ones, who were all vital to his development and speak on how he got out of the trap and set himself free through hip-hop. They reflect on his troubles with school, the criminal justice system, and how they inadvertently drove him toward using music as his tool to push through.

Lil Baby’s rise was fast, which led him to reflect on where he was in his life 18 months ago. He notes, “I’d be in the hood…I’d be doing what I’m doing now without this [fame], but I just wouldn’t have no show today.” Thank goodness he does.