Lil Dicky’s ‘Dave’ Was Renewed For A Second Season After Becoming FX’s Most-Viewed Comedy Ever

Get ready for more of Lil Dicky, Elz, GaTa, and the gang’s comic misadventures in the rap biz — Dave has been renewed for a second season by FX, according to Deadline. The news should come as little surprise after the first season became one of TV’s most talked-about new series (in the same way Donald Glover’s Atlanta did back in 2016), but Deadline‘s report includes some numbers showing just how beloved Lil Dicky’s brainchild became in it’s opening run.

Dave is FX Networks’ most-watched comedy series ever, averaging 5.32 million total viewers (across live viewings, video on demand, and streaming, thanks to FX’s new deal with Hulu) per episode. In comparison, Atlanta, the previous ruler, averaged 5.2 million viewers in its first season. Dave also grew its week-to-week audience by more than a million viewers multiple times during its first 10 episodes — an impressive feat, considering it originally ran on FX’s FXX channel rather than the flagship station.

Dave is based loosely on the life and experiences of the real-life Lil Dicky, Dave Burd, who basically plays himself as he encounters rappers, managers, label execs, and fans while trying to juggle his relationship and his various neuroses about being an atypical, white rapper who sometimes toes the line of taste with his jokes but still wants to be taken seriously.

Watch Dave’s first season now on Hulu.