Lil Dicky Is Naked Except For A Strategically Placed Sock In A Video Endorsing Joe Biden

About a month ago, Lil Dicky, like many celebrities before him, got naked on the internet. He stripped down, tucked it between his legs, and promised that if his followers registered to vote, he would “spread my legs wide and release my penis in a subsequent post.” Well, a subsequent post has come, and Dicky’s legs are indeed spread.

That doesn’t mean we’re getting a full look at what’s going on between them, though. In a video Dicky shared today, the rapper and actor sits cross-legged on the floor with his penis tucked securely into a Nike athletic sock.

He begins the video, “Hi, I’m Dave and I’m here to talk to you guys today about the election, because boy oh boy, do we have a doozie coming up, the most important one of our lifetime.” Dicky goes on to compare Biden and Trump by discussing their approaches to climate change and racism.

He ultimately endorses Biden, saying, “I need my president to be presidential. Call me crazy for wanting rhetoric that’s not spewing hatred or dividing a nation. I’m sorry, it’s just like, we’re at a crossroads right now and we don’t have time to deal with f*cking horsesh*t, OK? So again, for that reason, I’m voting Biden.”

Watch the video above.