Lil Dicky’s ‘Classic Male Pregame’ Video Shows Exactly How Lame A ‘Bros Night Out’ Can Be

If Mac Miller got Marc Maron pregnant, Lil Dicky would pop out nine months later.

The white, Jewish, upper-middle class, self-deprecating rapper/comedian burst onto the scene in 2013 by fawning over his girlfriend’s former flame in “Ex-Boyfriend.” With his latest jawn — “Classic Male Pregame” — Dicky puts bro culture on blast by highlighting the ridiculous rituals that go into a night out with the boys.

Dicky’s been buttering his bread with the Asher-Roth-with-jokes shtick. Last year, he went viral by pleading for some sexy time in  “Lemme Freak,” as well as bringing America’s racial divide to the surface with the funny-but-poignant “White Crime.”

With “Classic Male Pregame,” it looks like Dicky is back to (proverbially) rappin’ ’bout money hos and rims again.