Lil Jon Spoke About The Music Industry, President Obama And More At Oxford University

Lil Jon is not generally thought of for his insightful lyrical content. He’s mostly known for yelling things over party bangers. However, there’s more to the erstwhile Jonathan Smith than that. On Monday, Lil Jon was a guest lecturer at the Oxford Guild. Yes, that’s at the Oxford University in London.

While he mostly stuck to talking about music, the topic he’s most qualified to pontificate on, he also answered questions about President Obama and race relations in the United States, although that latter question was simply answered with, “That’s a pretty intense question. I don’t know, man.” Also, before you ask, he was indeed asked what, if anything, he is willing to turn down for. His answer? Sleep, and the police.

There is no risk of Lil Jon turning from crafting crunk music to being a professional raconteur, but it’s still pretty interesting that Oxford gave Lil Jon this opportunity.

(Via Death and Taxes)

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