Lil’ Kim Stole A Redditor’s Zombie Artwork For Her Album Cover

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11.12.13 3 Comments

lil kim zombie

Lil’ Kim is up to no good, and not just because she’s rapping again.

Over a month ago, Redditor “Sssamanthaa” added a thread to the Makeup Addiction subreddit entitled, “HOW TO: Pop Art Zombie Tutorial.” Through a series of 21 photos, she showed how to turn yourself into a zombie for Halloween…or Hanukkah, if you’re a weirdo/Futurama fan. The final result is the image you see above, which is also the exact picture has-been rapper Lil’ Kim used for the album art for her “Dead Gal Working” single.

dead gal working

According to “Sssamanthaa”:

Lil Kim took my photo and is using it as album art (might I add she took the liberty of adding her watermark over it on instagram). I have spoken with a lady on her team as well as her manager, which has done a whole lot of nothing. I’ve reported the photos on Facebook and Instagram multiple times, but they are continually posted. Anyone have any thoughts on what to do here? I live in BC, Canada. (Via)

Reddit’s response:

reddit lil kim

They make some good points.

(Via Reddit, via Reddit)

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