People Are Confused About Lil Nas X’s Album Of The Year Grammy Nomination

Lil Nas X’s nomination for a 2020 Grammy for Album Of The Year has some fans online confused. While Nas’ reaction was understandably dumbfounded, there were plenty of other reactions that were downright baffled.

It seems that some commenters are confused about whether 7, an EP, actually qualifies for an “albums” award. Multiple accounts on Twitter have shared a similar sentiment, apparently considering the seven-song (“Old Town Road” appears twice on the eight-song tracklist), 19-minute extended play a distinct product from an “album,” which many believe should have a longer runtime.

However, the Grammys themselves have a different criteria for what constitutes an album. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, an EP is a recording that contains three to five songs or is under 30 minutes, but according to The Recording Academy, the entity that puts on the Grammy Awards, any release with five or more different songs and a running time of over 15 minutes is considered an album. So, by one set of rules, 7 is technically an EP, but in this case, the Grammys don’t have a separate category for EPs, so they included it as an Album Of The Year nominee.

Hopefully the above explanation satisfies confused fans as to how 7 qualifies, but it seems nothing will ever keep them from being salty their faves weren’t nominated instead. As far as that goes, just remember the age-old wisdom about everybody having an opinion.