Lil Nas X Says He Isn’t Mad At Kevin Hart For His ‘Gaslighting’ Comments On ‘The Shop’

Lil Nas X says he is “not mad” at Kevin Hart for his comments during their appearance on the LeBron James-helmed HBO show, The Shop. During an interview with DJ Scream and Moran Tha Man for the Atlanta-based show, Hoodrich Radio, Lil Nas X addressed the comments and the resulting controversy with his usual bemused detachedness, clarifying his own feelings and admonishing keyboard warriors who “twist” words for Twitter commentary.

“No, I’m not mad at Kevin Hart,” he said. “A lot of situations like that, I don’t try to get into that. I don’t try to get into these situations because online I’m just here to be funny and laugh.” He also explained his reluctance to delve too deeply into the issue, saying, “I’m not trying to say anything, because if you say anything your words get twisted then you have to say something about that and then you have to say something about that. Just on and on. So I don’t even try to get into anything, really. But no, I’m not mad at Kevin Hart.”

Many fans watching the exchange on The Shop were quick to point out that Hart’s attitude towards Nas resembled the practice of gaslighting, considering his previous standup bits and comments about gay people. By saying “Who cares?” to the question of why Lil Nas felt the need to come out, he seemingly downplayed the negative consequences for Nas, despite explaining them very well himself in his own standup specials, where he jokes about how he’d flip out over his own children’s potential queerness. Lil Nas might be right about how words get twisted out of context, but there’s no denying that we’ve all got a long way to go until we are able to truly accept each other’s differences.

Hart, meanwhile, is recovering from back surgery after a traffic incident that totaled his vehicle and sent him to the hospital.