Lil Nas X Really Wants To Help Save The Ocean With His Next Single, ‘Titanic’

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Lil Nas X is riding high off the amazing and sustained success of “Old Town Road,” but he’s still finding plenty of time to browse Twitter. He remains active as ever on the platform, and recently, he came across a sad news story that has clearly had an impact on him.

Yesterday afternoon, he quote tweeted a story about a dead sperm whale that washed up on an Italian beach and was found to have plastic in its stomach, and he wrote, “how can i help.” That story stuck with him, and it has apparently driven him to actually do something about pollution in the ocean. After a fan suggested he make a song about cleaning the ocean, Lil Nas X responded, “i’m gonna like make a foundation then donate a dollar from every future ticket sale to it.”

He later wrote, “i’m really finna try to help save the ocean. this sh*t ridiculous.” Then, he came up with a plan, involving an unreleased song of his that he has teased over the past few months, well before the rise of “Old Town Road,” saying, “ok i think i’m gonna finish titanic, change some words around and give all the money to saving the ocean.”

His earliest mention of “Titanic” on Twitter came last November, when he shared a 39-second snippet of the song:

In more lighthearted Lil Nas X news, he previously tweeted this Titanic-related gem:

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