Lil Pump Brings His Infectious Energy And A Marching Band To A Late Night ‘Be Like Me’ Performance

Lil Pump is really leaning into this Harvard University marketing ploy and to be honest, the level of commitment is refreshing. Not only did Pump try to promote the album with some expert trolling/power-of-attraction manifesting by sending out a PR release that he’d give the commencement speech at Harvard’s graduation (which a bunch of sites apparently fell for) — which, come on, now — his late-night performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! featured cheerleaders, a marching band, and Pump decked out in a graduation gown and mortarboard as he bopped across the stage to his Harverd Dropout standout, “Be Like Me.”

He even released the first edition of his “Pump University” series on Youtube, which is framed as a sort of infomercial for his fictional learning institution. It’s clear he’s in on the joke as he pops up in the video’s intro to warn viewers, “You will be losing a lot of brain cells by watching this video,” with a beaming, iced-out grin. The “lessons” on deck: “Vegetables are trash” (because they’re grown in dirt), “Fruit is evil” (“Kill them before they kill you”), and “Stop caring” (“We’re healthy because we’re happy and we’re happy because we don’t give a sh*t about anything!”).

Pump is a man on a mission and that mission clearly appears to be to terrorize grown-ups’ sense of propriety for as long as he can put off being a grown-up himself. Someone give this man a TV show immediately, because he’d fit right in over at Adult Swim.

Harverd Dropout is out now via Warner Bros. Records. Get it here.

Lil Pump is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.