Lil Uzi Vert’s Next Project Includes More Brazen Heaven’s Gate Cult Imagery

Lil Uzi Vert has been raising a lot of question marks with his actions and statements this year. Today, on his 24th birthday, he answered a major question of new music by following up on a pair of recent songs and releasing artwork for an upcoming Eternal Atake project. Naturally, though, there’s even more to ponder after the announcement. The artwork for Eternal Atake is heavily derived from the logo of the Heaven’s Gate cult, including a co-opting of the group’s apparent slogan. “As was promised – the keys to Eternal Atake are here again in Luv and Rage (The UFO 2) as Lil Uzi Vert and his Father 2000 yrs. Ago,” the artwork says. It doesn’t appear that Uzi is suffering another Instagram hack.

You can see the logo of the infamous cult that committed mass suicide in 1997 here. Earlier this summer, Uzi changed his Instagram profile photo to Heavens Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite, but it wasn’t clear that music was imminent from the peculiar choice of imagery.

Uzi’s Instagram caption asks, “wanna hear?” then adds, “Do you think This is Track list cover or real deal?” Who knows if he’s set to give us a present of new music for his birthday, simply announcing the upcoming project, or giddily trolling nonsense with Young Thug, but we’ll soon know. The post is another instance in a 2018 full of headscratchers from Uzi, including a mysterious IG hack saga and a pronouncement at a show that his fans are going to hell for listening to his “XO Tour Life” smash.