Lil Uzi Vert No-Showed The Soundset Festival In Minnesota And Fans Were Furious

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Lil Uzi Vert has taken his brand of Philly wildness to various festival stages this year and made some incredible moments. Stage-dives, scaffold climbs and more, the exuberant “XO Tour Lif3” rapper — or rock star if you ask him — has at least nailed down the live performance side of things. That’s why so many people were disappointed when he failed to show up, with no warning given, to a recent gig in the Midwest.

Fans attending the 2017 Soundset Festival in Minnesota over the weekend were expecting those theatrics from Uzi. Instead, the rapper no-showed. According to the Star-Tribune, Uzi was booked for the yearly festival put on by Rhymesayers but unlike Mac Miller or Kevin Gates, he didn’t provide any reason for his absence. Miller cancelled his performance, in the wake of the Manchester bombing last Monday, presumably to be by the side of his girlfriend Ariana Grande. Gates is currently incarcerated in Illinois on felony weapon possession charges, and couldn’t be there if he wanted to.

The only form of communication Uzi’s had on social media in the last 48 hours is a cryptic tweet sent out Monday morning. “My brain … I’m going crazy ?..2®.” Neither Uzi nor his label Atlantic Records have issued a statement explaining why he wasn’t on stage in Minnesota.

As expected, those who did attend the festival were none too pleased that Uzi skipped out on his set and took out their frustrations via Twitter.

Of course, the largest piece of irony comes with the fact that Lauryn Hill, a performer who is notoriously late (or doesn’t show) for performances not only hit the Soundset stage but delivered one of the day’s best sets. 35,000 people hit the State Fairgrounds in Minneapolis looking to rage with Uzi. It may not be that great of a look to skip out on a big fest without warning or explanation, especially this young into your career.