Lil Uzi Vert Releases A Sleek New Video For His Song ‘That’s A Rack’

Lil Uzi Vert appears to be in full album promotion mode. After nearly a year of speculation and much controversy surrounding the release of his long-rumored second studio album Eternal Atake, the rapper finally seems to be getting into gear. On Tuesday, the Philadelphia native released a new music video for the song “That’s A Rack.” The song is one of two new singles Uzi released at the beginning of April after his song “Free Uzi” had been deemed an unofficial leak by his label Atlantic Records.

The new video puts all of Uzi’s calling cards on full display — his eccentric fashion sense, his electric dance moves, and his love of beautiful women. Unlike the unofficial clip, the 24-year-old released for “FreeUzi,” the “That’s A Rack” video is a high production affair. Shot by Daps, the video finds Uzi entering a warehouse space where a group of stone-faced, nude sit stiffly behind string instruments (with the exception of one woman who is leaning of the keys of a white, upright piano). Uzi then proceeds to do what Uzi does: delight us with cheeky shimmies and showcase his weird and prohibitively expensive threads.

Earlier in the day, more new music from the “XO TOUR Llif3” rapper was announced as a Chief Keef previewed a new song called “Mooliani” that is set to feature Uzi.