Lil Wayne And Chris Brown Are Reportedly Caught Up In A Federal Drug Investigation

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In yet another case in which social media accompanied one’s demise, Miami music producer Harrison Garcia is currently on trial for federal drug charges. This may not seem all that noteworthy on its own, but his case has brought two much larger music figures under federal scrutiny: Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

The Feds are currently investigating Brown because of an alleged $15,000 wire transfer from the superstar singer to Garcia, the Miami Herald reports. Garcia bragged about the exchange of money while texting with a woman, sending her a screenshot of the deposit. When she asked what the money was for, he went with a subtle “Drugs… lean and sh*t.”

Jurors saw this, as well as evidence linking Garcia to Lil Wayne, according to the Herald. In another text exchange, Garcia directed his “do-boy” to deliver drugs to Wayne and his crew. “I’ll shoot u some trees,” a message said. “It’s for Wayne.”

Garcia also confessed to selling Wayne “a lot of narcotics” when he was first arrested in October. Prosecutors presented Garcia’s Instagram, which was full of photos with Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, in addition to gaudy displays of wealth in the form of cars and cash. Prosecutors seized from Garcia’s house expensive belts, sneakers, and pendant of a foam cup full of sizzurp.

“Some might say it’s a crime buying such expensive sneakers,” defense attorney Percy Martinez asked HSI agent Geoffrey Goodwin, according to the Herald. “But it’s not a crime, is it?”

“It’s not inherently criminal,” the agent said.”

But slangin’ drugs is. Despite the evidence, Garcia’s defense team says all the IG stuntin’ was just to build a following. They also say Garcia was just a “feather in the cap” to go after bigger names like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.