Lil Wayne's The First Prominent Rapper To Take Shots At Frank Ocean's Sexuality

Unless I’m missing something Lil Wayne appears to now officially be the first prominent rapper to take a shot at Frank Ocean’s sexuality in a song.

Reports Ace Showbiz:

It seems that Lil Wayne is asking for controversy. In a remix of Future’s song “Turn on the Lights”, the rap mogul gives a shout-out to Frank Ocean who recently came out as bisexual. “Tell her I is gay/ I ain’t got now worries, no Frank Ocean, nah I’m straight,” he spits.

UPROXX reached out to Lil Wayne for clarification on the perceived diss but he was too busy genuflecting before oil paintings of Lebron James and Brett Favre to get back to us.

Meanwhile, let’s never forget the time Lil Wayne wore these pants on national television…

(Pic via Lil Wayne’s Twitter)