Lil Wayne Is Being Sued By His Lawyers For Not Paying His Bills

12.21.15 2 years ago 4 Comments
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Considering Lil Wayne publicly severed his father-son relationship with Baby over unpaid royalties, there’s no way Weezy would ever follow suit, right? Wrong.

According to TMZ, the Young Money leader is being sued by his lawyers for $375K, their fees to cover the suit against Wayne’s former boss. Per the report, Weezy was sent bills for over a year, but never cleared his tab. This comes on the heels of recent federal raids of Wayne’s Miami mansion, over unpaid taxes, where much of his artwork collection was seized.

With bill collectors calling from all angles, could we be seeing Wayne’s upscale lifestyle catching up with him, or possibly an A-List rapper seeing his revenue stream being snatched up by others? Whatever the case, there’s no excuse. After demanding freedom from his label’s chains over the past year, Wayne’s contradictory business practices are an unwelcomed reminder our favorite rappers will say whatever they have to in order to gain fan loyalty, despite acting like total pricks behind the scenes.

Hopefully, this news is inaccurate or Wayne settles his outstanding debt.

(Via TMZ)

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