Lil Wayne Threatens The Company Auctioning His Old Notebook With Legal Action

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Lil Wayne wants his lost notebook back and he’s not above suing to get it. According to TMZ, Moments In Time, the auction house that wants to sell his old rhyme book for $250,000, doesn’t have the rapper’s permission to sell it, since he says he lost it years ago. Wayne’s lawyers sent a warning letter obtained by TMZ that says Wayne merely lost the book in a car that used to belong to his label, Cash Money Records, and that the person who found it hid it from him waiting for it to increase in value.

Moments In Time owner Gary Zimet, though, contends that the rhyme book, which was lost in 1999, came into his possession with a “crystal clear title,” and wants Wayne to pay up to get it back. Wayne, meanwhile, has threatened legal action to keep Moments In Time from selling his book, which he’s ecstatic about finding, but livid about finding up for sale on an auction site.

Moments In Time also had one of Drake’s old rhyme books up for sale at $32,500 earlier this year. Clearly, there is a booming market for old rhyme books turning up after the fact, so hang onto those old composition journals, I guess. They may be worth some money one day.

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