One Of The Driving Forces Behind Lil Wayne’s Seizure Was Revealed After His Release From The Hospital

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Lil Wayne has been released from the hospital after his seizure scare earlier this week, but will have to take it easy for a while. According to TMZ, the New Orleans rapper has been advised by his doctors that his super-busy schedule of touring and recording will have to take a backseat to his health concerns for the time being. Apparently, his lack of sleep/”no days off” ethos caught up to him in the form of the pair of seizures that hospitalized him over the weekend and prevented him from making an appearance in Las Vegas. His daughter confirmed he was doing okay, but he’ll need to make changes to his schedule to keep doctors happy and himself healthy. Lack of sleep was literally a driving force involved in the onset of his seizures.

Wayne will have to take at least two weeks off, per TMZ’s report, leaving his next scheduled tour date September 23. Meanwhile, Wayne isn’t the only star to have suffered the results of tour fatigue. Justin Bieber called off the remainder of his tour with a heartfelt letter to fans, while The Weeknd skipped the VMAs in order to recuperate from his own hectic tour schedule. With so many artists suffering from extended and often dense concert schedules, it might be time for promoters to reconsider whether packing in the maximum number of shows is worth risking singers’ health.

After all, every time a rapper or singer has a breakdown on the road, it leads to plenty of financial trouble for everyone involved. Stars are people too, and people need rest; maybe instead of canceling shows, leaving a little room for relaxation would benefit stars, promoters, and fans as well.