Lil Wayne’s Alleged Sex Tape Has Leaked Online

10.12.15 2 years ago 25 Comments
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Those rumors of Lil Wayne having a sex tape floating around are starting look less like rumors after all. At least that looks to be the case after a short clip from the alleged tape hit the web on Monday. Obviously, we try to keep it clean around here so we’re not going to repost it, but you can see it for yourself here. It’s definitely NSFW so keep that in mind before clicking.

I had to watch rather reluctantly for work purposes and all I saw were two thick chicks and a dark figure that could be Lil Wayne – or any Black man in America really – laid up together in what’s probably a Days Inn or an establishment that charges an hourly rate. Three things of note:

1. Whoever the guy is, he’s going raw dog. I had to stop and go take a penicillin pill after seeing that part.

2. The gentleman in the tape still has his socks on. I don’t know what that implies but it seems relevant.

3. None of the woman looked like Christina Milian, in case you were wondering. I know how you feel because my hopes were dashed, too.

Previously, Wayne’s team reportedly said they fully intended to sue “the hell out of anyone” who leaked the footage. This likely means their Monday and the week just got off to a difficult start.

Like I said, the video is so grainy it’s hard to tell who the people are. However, Karrine Steffans, known as Superhead to 98% of you, watched the clip on Monday morning, too. If anyone would be able to spot buttnaked Weezy, I’d say it’d be between Ms. Cita and Superhead, the former being his mother and the latter a woman he was in a situationship for several years. On her Twitter, Steffans ran down her play-by-play of what she thinks and saw, which sounds like she’s convinced it’s Tunechi.

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