Tom Watson And Lil’ Wayne Apparently Share A Mutual Appreciation Of One Another

04.09.16 3 years ago
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An aging professional golfer and raunchy rapper aren’t two characters you’d expect to have a whole lot in common, but we’ve learned that Tom Watson and Lil’ Wayne have a surprising mutual appreciation for each other.

The 66-year-old Watson played in his 43rd and final Masters tournament this week, narrowly missing the cut on Friday. It was a valiant effort by Watson in his last lap and, following his exit, Lil’ Wayne excitedly tweeted out his support for the longtime pro.

It’s common knowledge that Wayne is an avid sports fan with a wide array of allegiances across plenty of sports, including golf, but many were still surprised to learn he’s such a big fan of Watson. And, given golf’s country club atmosphere, maybe even more people were surprised to see Watson reveal that he’s also in the rapper’s corner.

I, for one, would love to witness Watson attend a Lil’ Wayne concert. Consider this my official offer to attend the show alongside him. I would also love to witness a buddy cop movie or show starring Watson and Wayne. Now that I think of it, they haven’t cast True Detective season three, have they? Can’t be any worse than last season, right?

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