Lil Wayne And Wiz Khalifa Want To Charge You A Lot Of Money For A DJ Set

05.20.15 4 years ago

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Celebrity DJ sets have become a staple of the most posh resorts worldwide. Honestly, it doesn’t make too much sense. If you’re paying $20 for watered-down drinks you’re being told are top shelf while at some pool where everyone but you looks like a model, the one thing you would appreciate is an actually talented DJ and not just someone who happens to be famous who has no idea what they’re doing. So when TMZ reports that Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne as a DJ duo charge $60,000 per appearance, it’s almost dumbfounding.

We say almost, because the truly hilarious nugget to come from this report is that Wiz’s DJ moniker is — wait for it — DJ Daddy Cat. Just as a quick aside, you can get world-renowned DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, or Girl Talk for around the same price, according to Priceonomics. For what it’s worth, paying Wiz to rap costs $150k to $250k, and Lil Wayne costs $350k to $500k. So, really, you’re getting a discount.

For those wondering, here’s a little taste of DJ Daddy Cat.

(Via TMZ, Priceonomics)

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