Lil Xan Announces His Debut Album’s Release Date With A ‘Betrayed’ Remix Featuring Yo Gotti

Hate him or love him, Lil Xan’s gone from an underground curiosity to a star in the past year, and he’s finally ready to capitalize with the release of his debut album.

Xan — AKA Diego — has been teasing the impending release of Total Xanarchy for a good, long while now, but the Columbia-distributed project now has an official release date, April 6. Xan Diego also debuted the cover, featuring his surprisingly tattoo-less bare torso being splashed with water as he flashes that now ubiquitous, hate-inducing grin.

Xan also debuted the remix of his hit “Betrayed” today to commemorate the announcement. The remix features Memphis Rapper Yo Gotti and 25-year-old New York rapper Rich The Kid. Check it out below.

Diego caused some uproar in the rap game this past week when an offhand comment about finding Tupac’s music boring upset some rap veterans who took it upon themselves to ban him from hip-hop. He took it all in stride, swearing off interviews and jokingly posting about finding a new job.

Of course, he’ll have to see how his original one pays off first. He’s been touring practically nonstop since his rise to stardom and has upcoming shows in Los Angeles and New York. His dedicated fans might just stream Total Xanarchy into prime position on the charts. And even without all that, he looks like his having way too much fun to quit now.