Lil Xan Tries To Earn Back Some Hip-Hop Love By Performing Tupac’s ‘California Love’ At His Show

Lil Xan recently irritated a rather large portion of his potential hip-hop fanbase by flippantly sharing his opinion that Tupac Shakur’s music was boring and while he’s played it cavalier with regard to the enraged response he’s received, it still seems he thought it best to try and make amends. To that end, he incorporated a little “California Love” into a recent performance, paying a little homage to a rapper he’s also described as a legend.

When Xan was baited into making his comment on Revolt TV, he probably had no idea that it would lead to Waka Flocka Flame declaring him banned from hip-hop, or that he would get called out by everyone from Rich Homie Quan to a pack of pissed-off high schoolers (who were probably looking for viral fame more than they were defending Tupac). However, he also got some unexpected support from Watts rapper 03 Greedo, who took some of the heat onto himself by escalating from saying ‘Pac made boring music to outright calling the martyred rapper a “b*tch ass n—a.”

In any event, with all the controversy surrounding Xan Diego at the moment, the time couldn’t be better for him to drop his debut album, Total Xanarchy, so that’s exactly what he’s going to do April 6, when he’ll either show the world that he’s the real deal or become just another one-hit wonder. To paraphrase the words of some old, boring rapper, all eyes are on Xan.